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  • 1. Business Overview 

    The financial market interbank business is the specialized business of Sichuan Tianfu Bank. In a development strategy of wide range and specialization, it is presenting specialty and improving financial service which are effective supplementation of traditional saving and loan business, bringing more diverse channels, products and services for small and medium-sized enterprises and interbank business partners. Firstly, its business ranges from fund, bond, bill, underwriting abd issuance etc. It has a good relationship with over thousands of other interbank financial organizations in financial market across the country and keeping an excellent reputation. Secondly, it has outstanding teams for research and development as well as trading. All the team members have postgraduate backgrounds with many years of professional experience, and it has top financial experts. Thirdly, its financial business has gained many creative achievements over the years, acquired various membership of financial trading nationwide, and it successfully issued tier II capital bond, financial bond for small and micro-sized enterprises in China interbank bond market, and it has a great market influence. Fourthly, under the framework of full risks management, it built a professional team of risk control.   

    2. Business Lines 

    Currently, its financial market business mainly includes 9 business lines: bond investment, interbank investment, interbank credit offering, non-bank financial institution lending, fund treasury business, gold trading, foreign exchange business, bill re-discount, bond underwriting and issuance. 

      Bond investment: buying and selling of bond, bond lending, investment and research etc. 

      Interbank investment: the Bank, as an investor, uses its legal self-operated funds to subscribe inter-bank financial assets or investment behavior with specified carrier. 

      Interbank credit offering: the Bank offers the credit to interbank clients in an limited amount, or it subscribes the financial assets they issued, or it provides warrants for compensation and payment obligation etc, which are potentailly caused by its client business activities. 

      Non-bank financial institution lending: the Bank lends fund to non-bank financial organizations which shall be qualified for loan requirement in comply with relevant laws and regulations. 

      Fund treasury business: bond pledge repurchase repo, bond buyout repurchase repo, interbank borrowing, interbank certificate of deposit, interbank placement etc. 

      Gold trading: gold leasing, gold borrowing, gold investment and gold trading etc. 

      Foreign exchange business: foreign exchange spot trade transaction, foreign currency bond investment etc. 

      Bill re-discount: buying and selling of re-discounted bill, repurchase repo of re-discounted bill etc. 

      Bond underwriting: the Bank, as principal underwriter, co-principal underwriter, deputy principal underwriter or underwriter (distribution business), carries out projects including bond contracting, undertaking, underwriting, distributing and other bid winning based bond projects. Bond issuance: the Bank, as main body of financing, issues bond portfolio to investors in interbank bond market.   

    3. Business Research 

    It carries out analysis on macro economics situation, major financial events, regulatory policies and financial trend.It has accumulated abundant theoritical and practical experience. It regularly provided training and case studies for regulators and other interbank financial organizations. Its research reports are launched regularly, and its series of professional training courses are developed continually for other small and medium-sized banks, which are well known by other financial organizations.