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  • 1.Business Overview

    Adhering to the value of "Kindness in heart, nuturing like water", and the market orientation of "promoting local economy, supporting SMEs, and serving urban and rural residents",Sichuan Tianfu Bank has been committed to creating "quality bank, distinctive bank, safe bank" , and providing comprehensive financial services to its customers. The corporate banking segment of TFB has high expertise in several business lines, including medical & healthcare, modern services, auto motor, modern agriculture, energy & mining, real estate, trade finance etc. By offering the tailor-made specialized and characteristic financial solutions to its business partners, the mutual developments with the customers are achieved. 

    2.Business Lines 

    Currently, the Bank provided its corporate customers an integrated banking experience by coordinating business divisions and channel divisions. The corporate banking business lines include corporate loans, corporate savings, corporate clearance & settlement services, international trade, and bill business etc. 

    ● The corporate loans are mainly provided by the Bank's 7 professional business divisions to provide full process and standardized credit products to the customers in relevant business fields as below.

    Medical & Healthcare Finance

    Project finance for establishing private-owned specialized hospitals 

    Pharmaceuticals trade financing (franchising, sales, delivery and etc.). 

    Modern Services Finance

    Funding for hotel operation and maintenance services 

    Project finance for hotel renovations and upgrades 

    Tianfu loan for innovation and technology etc

    Auto Motor Finance 

    Credit line for automobile dealerships 

    Credit line for automotive after-sale service suppliers 

    Personal lending for commercial vehicles purchase etc

    Modern Agriculture Finance

    Credit line for trade of agricultural commodities 

    Agricultural commodities price biding services 

    Tianfu loan for major agriculture production & grocery business so called“Shan Rong Tong”product etc. 

    Energy & Mining Finance

    Project finance for construction of gas pipelines 

    Project finance for construction of hydropower stations 

    Credit line for new materials development etc

    Real Estate Finance

    Project finance for residential real estate development 

    Credit line for trade of construction materials and supplies 

    Credit line for construction and decoration companies etc

    Trade Finance 

    Account receivables financing 

    Prepayments & advancement financing 

    Inventory/Cargo order finance and other supply chain finance services 

    ● Corporate savings business provides a variety of deposit services to the corporate customers. 

    ● Clearance & settlement services provide corporate customers convenience to effectively operate an extensive range of accounts, which offers easily deposit and withdraw cash service, and it offers client to efficiently manage their fund transfer payment & fund collection activities etc. 

    ● International trade business provides import and export customers with comprehensive service to deal with international settlement and international trade.

    ● Bill business mainly includes commercial bills which are provided for its corporate clients.