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  • Sichuan Tianfu Bank continues to improve the rural financial service model, and sets up 4 village banks. In March 2007, it set up the first new rural financial institution in China in Yilong county, which named Sichuan Yilong Huimin Village Bank. In October 2010, it established Zhijin Huimin Village Bank in Zhijin county, Guizhou province. In February 2012, it set up Shanghai Jinshan Huimin Village Bank in Jinshan district, Shanghai city. In July 2014, the Bank set up Ya'an Yucheng Huimin Village Bank in Ya'an city, Sichuan province.  

    After years of exploration and practice, in accordance with the “Basic regulation, independent operation, risk controllable, distinctive characteristic” of village banks control goals, the Bank implemented consolidated accounting management duties, actively guided village banks with basic principle of “based on county, based on supporting agriculture and small business, based on the local financial services, based on inclusive finance”, focused on its market orientation of “service for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, small micro enterprise and community”, and used “small and diversified” credit offering principle. According to the characteristics of the rural economy and rural financial demand, the Bank innovated financial products, playing a positive role in improving the level of local rural financial services and activating the rural financial market etc.  

    Sichuan Yilong Huimin Village Bank Co., Ltd    

    Address: No. 6, Section 1, Hongde Avenue, Xinzheng Town, Yilong County, Sichuan Province  

    Post code: 637600 

    Phone number: 0817-7233666 

    Zhijin Huimin Village Bank Co., Ltd   

    Address: No.63, Jinzhong Road, Chengguan Town, Zhijin County, Guizhou Province 

    Post code: 552100 

    Phone number: 0857-7629432 

    Shanghai Jinshan Huimin Village Bank Co.,Ltd   

    Address: No. 3008, Weiqing East Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai City 

    Post code: 201508 

    Phone number: 021-37213031      

    Ya'an Yucheng Huimin Village Bank Co.,Ltd 

    Address: No.386, Panda Avenue, Yucheng District, Ya 'an City, Sichuan Province 

    Post code: 625000 

    Phone number: 0835-2368727