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  • Sichuan Tianfu Bank Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “the Bank” or “TFB”), since its establishment on 27 December 2001, has been actively exploring the road to reform and development, develops and implements a clear development strategy. It uses development path such as “talent recruitment, foreign direct investment, international standardized modern classic bank, regional development, rename and IPO, alliance and cooperation”, which aims to fulfill its strategic goal of growing “stronger and bigger”.   

    For more than ten years development, the staff of the Bank has been adhering to the core values of “heart with kindness, nurtures like water”, and it committed to “treating work as a career, making every effort to build a classic bank for common growth,and it adhere to its market orientation, continuous innovation, close to its client bases, and it create a classic bank with great affinity, and it respects customers, shareholders, employees and others, and builds a respected safe bank”. The management leadership of the Bank has been continuously improved, and all businesses have been developing steadily. By the end of December 2020, TFB has total asset of 216.181 billion Yuan. Its closing balance of various deposits reached to 148.214 billion Yuan. Its closing balance of various loans reached to 124.317 billion Yuan.    

    Over the past ten years, the Bank has implemented the strategic steps of introduce in and step out”, and develop in both rural and urban areas. In 2005, the Bank successfully introduced German strategic investors, which makes it the first tier II city commercial bank to introduce foreign capital. On 1st March 2007, the Bank set up the first village bank and loan company in China, which are named Sichuan Yilong Huimin Village Bank and Sichuan Yilong Huimin Loan Company. On 27th October 2007, the Bank set up Chengdu branch, and became the first tier II city commercial bank that is permitted to cross regional development and set up branches in provincial capital. On 17th April 2010, Guiyang branch was established in Guiyang. The Bank established Shanghai Jinshan Huimin Village Bank at Shanghai City on 9 February 2012. 

    In July 2021, UK Banker Magazine released “Top 1000 Bank in the world” list, and TFB is ranked at 441 place. In 2018, it gained the Best City Commercial Bank Inclusive Finance Award in China Banker magazine. In December 2018, it gained 3 awards in 2018 China (Chengdu) Financial Evaluation List which are "Most Popular Mobile Banking App of The Year",“Best City Commercial Bank of The Year”, “Best Attractive Personal Credit Loan Product of The Year”. In January 2019, it won two awards on China Model Financial List 2018 which are “Best Wealth Management Brand - Panda Wealth Management Award” and “Best City Commercial Bank - TFB”. In November 2019, China Banker magazine published “2019 China Commercial Bank Competitiveness”ranking list, and TFB gained “The Best Inclusive Finance City Commercial Bank" Award, which is the only bank in Sichuan province listed on this award table. In January 2020, it gained 2019 Best City Commercial Bank Award, Annual Most Popular Mobile Award, and Annual Inclusive Finance Service Public Social Responsibility Award in China (Chengdu) Financial Award List. In June 2020, it gained the award of Outstanding Enterprise of Service Industry of Sichuan. In July 2020, it gained the award of Outstanding Enterprise of Service Industry of Nanchong. 

    Since its establishment in December 2001, Sichuan Tianfu Bank has established a number of benchmarks in China banking industry, and it has become a modern classic bank with international financial background, cross-regional and distinctive features now.