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This declaration includes relevant provisions on the use of this website, which users give tacit consent to if they visit the website and related pages: 

1. Not each visitor can have access to all products and services, the qualification of which is determined by Sichuan Tianfu Bank. TFB reserves the right to revise and update the information and relevant terms, conditions and instructions provided on this website and related webpages 

2.Information included on this website and related pages, including but not limited to comments, forecasts, charts, indicators, theories, direct or implied instructions, is for reference only. Visitors should take responsibility for their own decisions and behaviors, while TFB accepts no liability for that. 

3. Articles and information provided on this website and related webpages, such as financial analysis, comments, forecasts and replies to consultations, are for reference only. Should there caused any loss due to the whole or part of the contents of this website and related webpages, TFB accepts no liability. 

4. As internet transmission may be disturbed, interrupted, delayed or have data errors, TFB will not be accountable for the inaccuracy and untimeliness of data and transactions caused by uncontrolled malfunctions of communication facilities.  

5. Please assess carefully the online information and contents provided on this website, related webpages and links to other websites, for which TFB is not responsible for. 

6. All of the copyrights, patents, intellectual property rights and ownership rights of the trademarks, logos, service symbols and other information displayed on this website and related webpages are reserved by Sichuan Tianfu Bank and its affiliates (and information providers). TFB owns legal rights to above business identifications, which no other person or other party shall modify, copy or adopt in any form without permission. Any attempt to dilute or defame the above-mentioned identifications is illegal, a legal liability which TFB reserves its right to pursue. 

7. Information contained on this website and related web pages are protected by relevant laws, and once reproduced or adopted in any form, a written permission from TFB should be gained in advance and the source and marks of copyright should be clarified. Without the prior written consent of TFB, any part of such information shall be modified, reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, transmitted, duplicated, distributed or used in any form for commercial or public use. 

8. Make sure that the registration information you provide to TFB through this website and related webpages, including name, address and contact information, is true, effective and accurate. Users hold full liability for the provided information, which once is found false or faked; TFB reserves the right to delete without notice. Meanwhile, users shall take good care of usernames and passwords, for any editing, publishing and behavior after logging on will be considered done by the user himself and TFB shall not accept any liability for any loss arising therefrom. Once you get registered on the website of Sichuan Tianfu Bank, you have acquiesced in that TFB and its partners can send you emails relating to its financial services to the email address provided when you register 

9. Users should strictly abide by the Regulations on the Administration of Internet Electronic Bulletin Service promulgated by Order No. 3 of the Ministry of Information Industry of the People's Republic of China. No one may publish on the website any content that violates the Regulations on the Administration of Internet Electronic Bulletin Service. 

10. There may be separate terms and conditions in the website and related webpages, serving as supplements to above terms and conditions. In case of any conflict, these additional terms and conditions will apply to the relevant parts or webpages. 

This declaration is for reference only. Some business should be governed by the announcements and specific regulations of local sites.