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    The logo of Sichuan Tianfu Bank (hereinafter referred to “the Bank” or “TFB”) symbolizes its value pursuit. It consists of the panda image, the Chinese Characters and three colors including black, white as well as golden yellow, combining the cute panda with water spray, and thus perfectly clarify the core value of “heart with kindness, nurtures like water”. 

    "Heart with kindness", the panda with extensive appetency is a symbol of kindness and friendship. Kindness symbolizes forgiveness, friendship and niceness. The panda in the logo comes with the meaning of “Heart with kindness”, and it also profoundly expresses the highly-developed sense of social responsibility of the Bank as a financial institution. The water spray also symbolizes “kindness”. As the saying goes, “the high-level kindness is just like the character of water, nurturing all the lives on earth” which vividly explains the Bank spirit of sticking to the market positioning, making innovation and building a classic bank with extensive appetency as well as achieving a win-win situation with clients. 

    "It nurtures like water", water is the source to all lives as well as the financial industry is the blood to modern economy. The water spray in the logo implies that TFB is a living spring in the long history of modern finance, and the auxiliary ribbon formed by lines represents rainwater and riverssymbolizing that TFB firmly establishes the “Serving SME” market positioning which provides the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, urban and rural residents with urgently-needed financing services. These financing services benefit the local economy like the spring rain brought by the warm spring wind, carefully nourishing the dry thirsty land. It is also like a clear spring in the forest grass, flowing slowly, gathering financial resources from a trickle to the surge. The water spray represents the spirit of TFB constant pursuit of excellence and the value orientation of innovation so named “treating the work as a career, making every effort to build a mutual growing classic bank”. 

    The colors of black, white and golden yellow are keynotes of its brand image. Black symbolizes magnanimity, steady and preciseness. White symbolizes pure and transparent. Yellow symbolizes earth, wealth, worship and dignity. These three colors indicate its other value orientations which are respecting client, shareholders, staffs and others, and building a safe and respectable bank.     

    Sichuan Tianfu Bank will adhere to the core value of “heart with kindness, natures like water”, based on the continuous land of social commitment, developing in the vast space of many opportunities and providing customers with better modern financial services! 

    Social Responsibility 

    TFB has established for over 10 years, during the time the bank implemented reform and opening up business policy activeely, carried out the scientific concept of development, formulated and followed the so called ten-year development strategy plan which focus on growing “stronger and bigger”, and took the path of developing "classic bank, distinctive bank, safe bank”. The Bank has responded China new rural reconstruction deployment policy positively, and successfully explored the pattern of sustainable commercial developments and financial services of rural and urban development, becoming a role model in new rural finance organization to support the new rural reconstruction. After over 10-years development, it has developed a unique bank culture, institutional mechanisms, business characteristics and risk control system. It actively carried out many charity events, and achieved good economic and social effects. On this basis, the Bank has been engaging in the public welfare undertakings positively, and making active efforts to take and perform the social responsibility.