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  • Wealth management business refers to the financial service that the Bank undertakes investment and management of the entrusted investor's property on the basis of the investment strategy, risk taking and income distribution agreed with the investor in advance.
    Since 2009, the Bank has formally launched wealth management business and established the “Panda Wealth Management” brand, which is committed to providing high-quality asset management services for customers. So far, the wealth management product system of the Bank covers various product types such as short-term and long-term, closed-end and open-end, expected return and NAV based products. Assets are mainly invested in money-market instruments, bonds, debt financing instruments, public offering securities investment funds and other debt assets, and asset management plans and trust plans consisting of the above assets, and assets recognized by other regulatory agencies.
    The Bank highly focuses on its customer needs and product development. At present, the product system has a rich term structure and flexible redemption, which can meet investors' different needs for liquidity and profitability. In January 2017, the Bank issued the first NAV wealth management product named“7-day return growth product” in Sichuan. In December 2018, the Bank issued its first closed-end NAV product, named the“Runli” series product. In terms of business channels, in order to improve customer experience, the Bank has achieved full coverage of wealth management products in the branch networks, perosnal mobile banking, corporate mobile banking, online banking and other channels, making business processing safe and convenient. The Bank always puts risk management at the top of its business development, bearing in mind its entrusted management responsibility, and strives to improve customer returns on the premise of controlling asset risks. In the report of “China Bank Wealth Management Ability List” released by PY Standard, TFB was ranked the first place among all city commercial banks in southwest regions of China for many years. In January 2019, the Bank was awarded the “Best Financial Management Brand -- Panda Wealth Management” by China Model 2018 Financial List.