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  • Stimulate Financial Vitality and Help Alleviate Poverty -- A Report on Targeted Financial Poverty Alleviation by Sichuan Tianfu Bank

    2019-08-22 02:52

     From 2015 to 2017, Sichuan Tianfu Bank (hereinafter ‘the Bank’) earnestly implemented the national financial poverty alleviation policy, implementing the poverty alleviation work requirements of CCP party committees and governments effectively, promoting further targeted financial poverty alleviation work to achieve good results. By the end of 2017, the balance of our targeted personal poverty alleviation loans was 370.351 million Yuan, the balance of targeted industrial poverty alleviation loans was 806.83 million Yuan, and the balance of targeted project poverty alleviation loans was 1.95 million Yuan. Through three years of accurate assistance, the Bank have helped more than 1,500 registered poor households get rid of poverty and achieve continuous increase in income and wealth. In 2017, Sichuan Tianfu Bank was rated as "Advanced unit of financial poverty alleviation" by Sichuan banking regulatory bureau. Zhao Yang, the first secretary stationed in the village, was rated as "Advanced worker of national ideological and political work of financial system" and "Advanced individual of financial poverty alleviation" in the Sichuan province. 

    1. It is mobilizing the whole bank to build a diversified poverty alleviation system.  

    First, a leading work team on poverty alleviation through financial assistance was set up, headed by the party secretary of the bank, coordinating and deploying targeted poverty alleviation work throughout the bank, setting up designated work group to help villages to promote poverty alleviation, specifying implementation of designated help measures, carrying out group help activity and operating help projects. The first party secretary will be assigned to designated assistance villages, and team workers will be sent to remote Tibetan areas where poverty problem is serious. Employees will be encouraged and supported to join the frontline of poverty alleviation and provide assistance to villages.  

    Second, the Bank called for mobilizing, actively carrying out and participating in financial poverty alleviation labor competition, national poverty alleviation day and other activities, creating an environment of "All members participate in poverty alleviation, and everyone contributes to charity", and deeply practices the Bank's core values of "Heart with kindness, nurtures like water". 

    2. It is innovating the model and solving the problem of financial poverty alleviation. Firstly, the Bank innovated " secured credit loan +" poverty alleviation credit model, letting credit resources and the government fiscal interest discount, risk compensation fund and policy insurance compensation combine with partaking policy. The Bank integrated various resources for poverty alleviation, changing the past  so called "blood transfusion" poverty alleviation mode, exploring new mechanisms for "Hematopoiesis" poverty alleviation mode, promoting more low income family depends on the industry of poverty alleviation to lift people out of poverty quickly and continue to increase incomes and become rich. 

    Second, the Bank combined with the goal of "155 development strategy" of Nanchong city, introducing nearly 10 leading agricultural enterprises to the poor areas in three districts and six counties under the jurisdiction of Nanchong city to carry out industrial poverty alleviation. Through "Leading enterprises + Specialized cooperative + Poor households" closed industrial poverty alleviation mode, the Bank mobilized a large number of registered poor households to develop advantageous agricultural industries. For example: Introducing Yang jiazui village Shanghao tea planting industry mulberry tea industry, which has become the leading industry of the poor household to become rich, increasing annual output value of 2000 Yuan per family. Furthermore, the Bank mobilized Yaochang town three villages near Yang jiazi village to develop mulberry tea industry. The benefit is more than 10 times of single silkworm breeding, giving a good industrial base for entire town to get rid of poverty. Another example, the Bank introduced Jinshan village FIG and beef cattle breeding industries, which supported 41 poor households in the village, and increased their annual income by more than 1,000 Yuan on average. The Bank introduced Nanchong Sentai Group to 15 poor households in Chun yangshan village to establish a special farmers cooperative to develop double mushroom planting, driving each poor household to achieve a net income of more than 50,000 Yuan per year.  

    Thirdly, the Bank took advantage of the "Sending financial knowledge to the countryside" activities such as introducing talents and arousing the ambition of villagers positively, establishing the linkage of immigration office for poverty alleviation, agriculture and animal husbandry bureau, agricultural colleges and universities and the specialized functional departments for training the poor farmer splanting and breeding technology, and contacting and cooperating with leading enterprise for poor farmers engaged in agricultural production and operation to provide professional technical services and production support. The Bank helped poor households build up confidence in industrial development, enhancing their ability to get rich and increasing income by supporting the wisdom and confidence. 

    Fourthly, the Bank innovated rural comprehensive property rights collateral mortgage products in poor areas actively and increased the diversity and availability of financial service products for poverty alleviation effectively. By the end of 2017, the balance of the bank's forest right collateral mortgage loan was 267.24 million Yuan, and the balance of the bank's land mortgage loan for rural contracted management rights was 863.29 million Yuan. 

    3.It is designating assistance to rural revitalization and development. 

    Firstly, the Bank spent 3.27 million Yuan to carry out the support the construction of "four small" accurately, completing village industrial round road regularly and village transformation, changing the problems of river separation, go climbing, bypass journey, and impassable vehicle passing. The Bank helped villagers save more than 10 kilometers distance on average, getting through the "the last kilometer" obstacle which restricts the development of the industry.  

    Secondly, the Bank carried out the construction of rural water conservancy network infrastructure vigorously, completing the village irrigation canal dredging project, the construction of tap water pipeline to households and the construction of two mountain plateau pond, solving the problems of domestic water and production irrigation water, providing the basic conditions for the development of freshwater fish farming industry. 

    Thirdly, the Bank constructed new village-level activity rooms, health rooms and revolving house for five-guarantee households, providing villagers with activity places and basic medical places. The Bank coordinated funds actively and construction personnel to renovate dilapidated houses, sanitary kitchens and toilets of poor households, improving the living environment of poor households, reducing the spread probability of epidemics caused by mixed living of human and livestock.  

    At the end of October 2017, Yang Jiazui village in Nanbu county, which is a state-level poverty-stricken county, successfully passed evaluation of the state council leading group for poverty alleviation and the acceptance of the third party by the Bank, lifting the whole village out of poverty. In December 2017, Yinshan village, xiongshi township, Nanbu county, which is supported by the Bank, passed the provincial acceptance. At the same time, Tian baozhai village and Shu fangliang village in Peng 'an county, a provincial-level poor county, which is designated to help by the Bank, also passed the provincial acceptance. 

    4. It is working hard to improve people's lives and supporting the development of contiguous poor areas. 

    Firstly, the Bank focused on contiguous poverty-stricken areas in Qinba mountainous area: Nanchong, Bazhong, Dazhou and other counties investing a total of 3.29 billion Yuan in credit funds, effectively supporting local economic and social development, and it has invested over 54 million Yuan in targeted poverty alleviation loans, striving to improve the industrial development foundation and production and living environment in contiguous poverty-stricken areas in Qinba mountainous area. In addition, it donated more than 10.9 million Yuan of fund and materials to Nanchong, Bazhong and other Sichuan-shaanxi revolutionary old base areas, and devoted the construction of local road traffic, production water  supply and drinking water and other livelihood projects, benefiting more than 2,000 poor villagers in poor areas. 

    Secondly, the Bank implemented the requirements for precise assistance actively in the deep-poverty areas in Sichuan, and helped the deep-poverty areas in the Tibetan plateau and Liang shan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in different sizes to overcome poverty. By the end of 2017, the Bank has issued accumulated loans 195 million Yuan, supporting yak industry in the west of Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan prefecture Xichang Yihong agriculture and Xichang Bainong ecological agriculture a batch of poor areas to develop in depth, supporting agricultural industrial leading enterprises which can effectively promote agricultural and rural economic development and increase the income of poor households, driving them out of poverty. 

    5.It is helping the poor with charity and performing social responsibilities  

    In order to earnestly practice the core values of "Heart with kindness, nurtures like water" and fulfill the social responsibility of the Bank. Firstly, the Bank has established a special mechanism for poverty alleviation donation. Every year, less than 1% of the bank's net profit is used for poverty alleviation and charity donations. There are numerous kinds of special donations, which is held by the Bank. Sichuan Tianfu Bank has donated more than 500,000 Yuan to build Yilong Tumen Huimin village primary school, donating 788,000 Yuan to the poor old people in Nanchong nursing home, donating 730,000 Yuan to impoverished disabled people in Sichuan, donating 2.6 million Yuan to Langzhong poor village water conservancy and infrastructure. The Bank has also donated 3.37 million Yuan to Jinshan village and Yang jiazui village of Nanbu county. By means of "public welfare donation", "donation for education", "donation for poverty alleviation" and "donation for poverty relief", the Bank has donated more than 3323 million Yuan of money and goods to poverty-stricken areas and various kinds of poor people. 

    Secondly, the Bank has established a team of more than 630 charity volunteers among the staff and family members of the Bank, and regularly carried out the "Tianfu·charity for poverty alleviation" activities, so as to more directly and effectively support the construction and industrial development of poor areas, improving the living environment of poor villages, helping them achieve the goal of poverty alleviation.  

    Thirdly, the Bank has donated 10.58 million Yuan to 7,000 poor students to help them finish their studies in recent years, donating 1.05 million Yuan to poor students in Southwest Jiao tong university hope college  and North Sichuan medical college, donating Liangshan Zhao jue county and other places 100 poor county students 1 million Yuan, donating to Bazhong city poor students more than 300,000 Yuan on charity education and action to support the wisdom of the community praise. Its charity education and intellectual support activities have been well received by all sectors of society.